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Are You Thankful For Your Womb?

This may sound like a strange question. Perhaps it has never been asked of you, but really, have you ever thought about it?
When God created woman, He placed within her a womb. A very special and unique feature that sets apart woman from man. A place where miracles happen. A place where a life is created by the hand of God himself kept and nourished until completion. It is quite amazing! I do not think we fully grasp the wonder of being able to conceive, nourish and bear a life. I want to and I hope you do too!
In Psalms 139:13-16, David talks of the wonder of God creating and fashioning him in his mother’s womb. He seemed to be in awe of it all!
This verse is found in Isaiah 44:24…”Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself.”
Wow! Oh, how I want to wrap my brain around this verse! The One who made ALL things stretched out the VAST heavens and spreadeth the HUGE earth that we live on, by Himself, is the same who creates life in my womb. Can I say wow again?!
It was His wisdom. His greatness. His goodness and power to come up with such a thing. I feel honored. I feel blessed. I get to carry life that God Himself creates inside me and when I do it brings Glory to my Creator and Savior because it was all His idea. And oh how I want to bring glory to Christ!
“Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward.” Psalms 127:3-5
Did that just say babies borne in the womb are a reward from God? That’s pretty cool!
“He maketh the barren women to keep house and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.” Psalms 113:9
Yet again I see blessing and joyfulness connected to bearing life and it’s the Lord Himself who does it!
As you read through scripture, you sorta get a sense of the mindset of women of that day concerning babies, children, wombs and bearing life. They saw it as an honor, a privilege, and a blessing. Actually, when they couldn’t use their wombs, some considered it a curse, but mostly all were very sad and disappointed. I think of Hannah, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and even Elizabeth, the mother of John and there are others mentioned here and there. Women back then were different from today, don’t you think!?
Women in our culture today are raised and taught to pretty much despise the fact that they have wombs and can bear life. We now live in a culture of “death in the womb”, happening every day through abortions. The world sees wombs and bearing children as a curse and drag on women to be forever chained down by it. It saddens my heart and what is even sadder is that same snubbing and scoffing of bearing life seem to have crept into our churches; the place where we say we do want to love God, know God, serve God and bring glory to Christ. Yet, we have bad attitudes toward bearing life in our wombs which is the very act of God Himself. He came up with it at the very beginning. I don’t believe it should be this way. God did look down from the beginning and saw all that He had made and said it was ALL very good. Who are we, a created being, to look up at the Uncreated Being of the universe and say it’s not good?! I feel that is very dangerous!
Why must we, the children of God, redeemed by Christ’s blood, standing in His righteousness alone, succumb ourselves to this low, low thinking of God’s Creation? I want to LIVE in the reality of Christ! I want to KNOW Him intimately and so I must stand back and say, Okay God, you made it like this. You said it was good, a blessing and a wonderful thing to bear life in my womb. How can I say otherwise? If I have a womb that can bare life, how can I say to God, “No I won’t use it”? How can I think in such a way? Oh, let me embrace it with Christ’s strength and help, so that I may glorify Him all the more by being what He created me to be as a woman.
What I am mainly wanting to attack is our mindset of these things. We have such disdain for the things God says is good; almost annoyed by it and sometimes provoked to anger towards children and life. I believe it is the mindset of an ungodly, God-hating world trying to press us into it’s thinking. But lets not! Let us let God and His Word shape our minds and attitudes towards bearing life. After all, don’t we want to be conformed to His image?
Please don’t turn away and think I’m crazy. I just honestly want to LIVE scripture and KNOW Christ. I want to be thankful for my womb today! There is no other option in my mind!
Are you thankful for yours?

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