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Be A Life Loving Woman

Standing outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, I watched the faces that passed by. I saw the happy smiles, thumbs up and honks; and for those I’m grateful, but even among those there were evil and sad reactions.
People yell cuss words, throw their hands up with disgust, and shake their heads no; but flipping you off is the most common negative response.
I look down at the sign in my hands and it reads…”Your baby is not the enemy. Life is a gift.”
I ask myself, why does my sign cause so much anger and hate?
I look over at my brother’s sign that reads…”Please don’t hurt your baby, we’ll help!”
I look further down the sidewalk to another girl with a sign that reads…”Your baby is a gift.”
Every time I see the hate and evil gestures over such signs…I feel so sad. What has happened to us? What has happened where offering hope and help to mothers instead of death and guilt, is somehow offensive?
Dear sisters, what is our attitude towards children and mothering? We, as women, like never before, have a great opportunity to affect our culture in the way that it views life. Single or married, mother or not, we still have the opportunity. The opportunity to proclaim life to be a gift, babies are blessings not curses, mothering is a beautiful thing and that all of these were invented by our amazing Creator. His ways should not be despised but embraced because His Kingdom is nothing but good!
So why do we go to the clinic…because we care for the mothers and the babies. It’s our desire to stop mothers from making a horrible decision which will not fix the problem but only make their lives worse. We also want to offer the Gospel to the mothers, which is the greatest need.
I’m glad that there has been women, from this particular clinic, which have changed their minds and kept their babies from death because people from many different churches go there every week to stand and offer hope. There are families I know who are willing to adopt any baby whose mother chooses life but doesn’t feel she can raise it. It’s my hope that more Christian families would become willing and ready to help and work with these mothers through pregnancy to adoption.
Is there an abortion clinic near you? Could you not get a group from your church to go weekly and offer hope?
Let us women stand up and offer hope! Lets encourage love for babies, love for motherhood and love for Christ!
He is KING!
Let’s be His daughters indeed and work in His Kingdom!
What else is worth living for?

May you press on to know Christ!
-Rae Beauford

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