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Choose Lives Over Things

The other day our family made a visit back to our hometown that my husband and I had lived in the first few decades of our lives until moving away when my husband began pastoring. We took my dear mother with us on this drive around our old hometown, which has incidentally been her home all of her life. As we drove around and noticed such a change in scenery and among houses that we had lived in, it was just a little unsettling to me. We noticed how that buildings that would have carried some sentiment for us…(such as a hospital Brent and I were both born in) had been torn down or replaced with something more needful or of more importance to someone. Houses that some of our family had lived in were deteriorating and had lost their value. And we noticed with amusement how much smaller everything looked now that we were older! ( Why is that?!!!) 😊But I was reminded again of the fact that all temporal things will one day vanish and be no more. I was aware again of all those bigger, better things that I thought I need for my growing family are just not dire necessities. How many other mothers before me had raised their dear little ones in a one room cabin? And they were satisfied and happy! And some of those children had grown up to be great influential people.

Why, oh why, do we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we weren’t put here on this earth to just fill our days with having fun, obtaining riches, houses and lands? We were sent here to this earth from God above to endeavor to live our lives for Him in such a way to bring glory to His name and to guide others toward Him. As I get older I think so much more about how quickly life passes…it is truly a vapor as God’s Word proclaims. James 4:14…”For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” (KJV) How is it that many times we (I guess I should say “I” here) get so caught up in the temporal things at the moment and lose sight of the fact that only what we do for Christ will truly last forever! We all know this, of course, but I know I need those reminders all along the way. So if this message is just for me, then so be it! I just want to end with the thought that we all should endeavor more to love the things our Father loves…this being the eternal souls that surround us. May we have more desire to spend time with our dear families than pursuing riches and trinkets that will one day fade or disappear.

Going into the next chapter in James 5 we find the sad words of men’s riches being corrupted and their garments motheaten, their gold and silver cankered (corroded) as they sadly had heaped together treasure in vain! May we be determined to chose those things in this life that really matter for eternity. Cherish those little moments! Smile and be a Godly witness to a stranger! Be a true friend to someone in need. Spend happy times with your dear husband. Proverbs 5:18…rejoice with the wife of thy youth.” (KJV) Hug and kiss those little precious children and grandchildren. Give yourself completely and utterly for those older children that need your guidance and wisdom. Psalms 127:3…”the fruit of the womb is his reward.” (KJV) Realize that many things we tend to waste our time on (example: phones and internet) is usually not of any eternal value and is robbing us of those things that are! Ouch! That hits me! Oh that we could just realize that when we are on our deathbed, we surely won’t want to look at those material things we might have gained. We won’t be saying…”just let me see that beautiful car or house that I own!” Oh no…I believe we will truly want to part this world by looking upon the faces of or holding the hands of those we have known and loved! Let’s make time to love them joyfully now while we have the moment! It can be a wonderful life here and a glorious eternity! Let’s be determined to choose lives over things!


Connie Beauford

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