Before I was born, the doctors told my parents that I would have down syndrome. My parents, being unwed, were definitely not ready for a baby. They weren’t financially ready. They weren’t emotionally ready. My mom wasn’t physically ready as she was only seventeen. Yet, they saw my value. They had everything against them, and they still saw the value of my life and refused to abort me.

My ministry is clearly women and their wombs. God has placed a truth in my heart that I believe needs to be spread. The truth of trusting God with our wombs. I used to say this truth was only for Christian women. Since raising children is not an easy task in today’s world, my target audience was women of God. When we trust God, He really does provide everything we need to raise children. Seriously though…everything.

But God opened my eyes to the value of life. A Christian moms children are not any more valuable than an atheists children.

My friend (whose faith is on fire) opened my eyes to this truth when she told me that she wasn’t raised in Christ and her parents are not Christian. She was so grateful they still had her regardless of the trials of childbearing.

It reminded me of the value of life. Life comes from God alone. My life is not any more valuable than my future children’s lives. I can either choose to have them or not.

It always baffles me to hear people thanking God for another day of life, but yet refusing to allow God to use them to bring another child life.

The last two weeks, a few of my children had several sleepovers. Every time one of my children was missing, I felt incomplete. I simply can’t imagine life without each child. We could have easily stopped after the coveted boy and girl that came first, but God revealed the value of life to us.

The fear of losing my life in childbearing or illness caused by pregnancy has haunted me at times. But God always reminds me of the value of life and my future children’s lives are just as important as mine. God knew them before He even formed them in my womb.

I am grateful, as I am sure you are also, that my mom saw the value in my life. Do we see the value in our future children’s lives or is it limited to what we can physically handle?

Jeremiah 1:5
“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

(Guest Post)

By: Karissa Collins

“My name is Karissa Collins. I’m a mom of seven. Anissa 8, Andrae 6, Annistan 5, Anjalie 4, Andersyn 2, Aynjel 1 and Ansyr 4 months. I’m first a child of God that puts Christ before my family. I’ve been married 11 years. God revealed His desire to us ten years ago to trust Him in our family size and every day He confirms it more and more. My ministry is to share God’s heart for life and His desire to bless us beyond our imagination.”

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