A Story Of Bold Women

Thinking of bold and courageous women…here is a true story. In the latter days of the Holocaust, there was a group of Jewish men that were targeted by Hitler for their extermination. The Gestapo called it the “Final Roundup”. Initially, both Hitler and another Nazi party leader had worried about the reaction of the German spouses if they were to be forcibly removed from the Jewish spouse. So, instead, they resorted to social pressure to force a divorce, so that the Jewish spouse could then easily be sent to the death camps. Consequently, those men whose wives gave in and divorced them WERE killed! This plan didn’t totally succeed though because there were some BOLD, faithful German wives that took a stand against this evil! They chose to remain faithful to their wedding vows, refusing to divorce their husbands. These women defied the Nazi’s and began the only public protest in Germany, right at the pre-deportation collection center at Rosenstrasse 2-4 in the heart of Berlin, where their husbands were being held. At the start, there were maybe 600 women. Soon, as many as 6,000 may have joined in. Again and again, the police scattered the women with threats to shoot them down in the streets! Each time they advanced again, with increasing attendance to protest their husband’s capture, while standing toe-to-toe with the Gestapo for a week, totally unarmed, unorganized and leaderless! Without warning, the guards eventually began setting up machine guns. After directing their guns at the crowd of women, they shouted…”If you don’t go now, we’ll shoot! The women really began hollering now and started screaming “Murderers! Murderers! Murderers!”
Were they shot down? NO! Within a week, Hitler sent orders to release all of their husbands! These brave women had achieved their goal! The news of this was purposely kept quiet because of spreading the idea that Hitler’s plans could be changed. I think this story should be told again and again. A Godly spirit of selfless, bold love coming from women had prevailed over death! There is a memorial named “Block der Frauen” (Block of Women) erected in 1995 not far from the site of the protest. The sculpture shows protesting and mourning women and an inscription on the back which reads…”The strength of civil disobedience, the vigor of love overcomes the violence of dictatorship; Give us our men back; Women were standing here, defeating death; Jewish men were free.” This is proof that women and nonviolent action can definitely be powerful!
How many of us as women are going to finish our lives having lived a life of boldness in obeying the commands of God in loving our husbands and children? We must not compromise to our society’s demand. Jeremiah 9:20-21 says…”Yet hear the word of the Lord, O ye women, and let your ear receive the word of his mouth, and teach your daughters wailing, and every one her neighbor lamentation. For death is come up into our windows, and is entered into our palaces, to cut off the children from without, and the young men from the streets”. That death mentioned sounds like abortion doesn’t it? We, as women, should use our tears and “wail” for these atrocities in our midst. But let’s not stop there. Let’s enable our tears to bring us to a place where we become empowered by the TRUTH of God’s Word to go forth into battle. It isn’t a battle fought with earthly weapons, but with true love radiating from sincere hearts.
Before Satan could get to his plan of extermination…maybe “The Final Roundup” in our world’s history (as Hitler named his operation), he first had to somehow convince women that children are not really blessings as God says and that they should be avoided ( and limited) as much as possible! We, as women have been robbed from and deceived. Let’s be BOLD and take back our territory ladies. Maybe, just maybe these German women (and many other bold Godly women) who have risked their lives before us are cheering us on from heavens gates! We must be strong in the Lord. We must not fail…our palaces (homes) are being vacated…and what about precious souls that should have been?
Of course, if you haven’t fully and lovingly surrendered your life into the Lord’s hands on behalf of your sincere appreciation and love to Him for dying for your sins, I beg you to now make this commitment. Jesus said…”I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 Jesus shed his precious blood and died for your sins. May you be willing to turn from sin and invite Christ to come into your heart and life. Then, as you read your Bible and get to know Jesus better, He will lead you into all truth, and the words and commands He has given to women will begin to make such wonderful sense in your journey as a Christian woman. Then, you can share this wonderful truth with others! John 8:32
Here is a quote from one of the women that was at the Rosenstrasse protest:
On 5 March 1943, the SS sent in trucks with machine guns to threaten the women on the Rosenstrasse, but despite the menace of the machine guns aimed at them and the threat to gun them all down, the women remained. Holzer later stated in an interview: “We expected that our husbands would return home and that they wouldn’t be sent to the camps. We acted from the heart, and look what happened. If you had to calculate whether you would do any good by protesting, you wouldn’t have gone. But we acted from the heart. We wanted to show that we weren’t willing to let them go. What one is capable of doing when there is danger can never be repeated. I’m not a fighter by nature. Only when I have to be. I did what was given me to do. When my husband needed my protection, I protected him … And there was always a flood of people there. It wasn’t organized or instigated. Everyone was simply there. Exactly like me. That’s what is so wonderful about it”.
-Connie Beauford

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